Elderly Care

Elderly care is the fulfilment of the needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens.

Post Surgical Care

The post operative period begins from the time the patient leaves the operating room.

Tracheostomy Care

MHCI shall support you by providing care at home you alone cannot manage.

Mother & Baby Care

New born baby is very good memorable day for woman’s life. It is good time to share.

Cancer Care

Mhci trained and professional nurses shall identify the adverse effects such as fever ,myalgia,nausea.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is the active total care of patients with terminal illness. Our focus is on curative treatment .

Wound Care Management

MHCI Caretakers provide basic care on how wounds heal, what prevents healing, acute wounds, chronic wounds.


Physiotherapy is basically the science of diagnosing and treating injuries by using mostly physical means..