Mother & Baby Care

Mother and Baby homecare Services in Hyderabad

New born baby is very good memorable day for woman’s life.

We provide babycare services in hyderabad; it is a good time to share their happiness with their family members and neighbors, friends. But sometimes we can’t expect the things that baby would born abnormally or other disease condition (Premature or low birth weight babies) and babies who have experienced trauma at birth. medlyfe home care services in hyderabad in hyderabad is here to give you services for such kind of babies at home with low cost and nurturing, development of the baby and mother by trained health care professionals.

After Delivery, the woman may progress through rubin’s stages of taking in, taking hold, and letting go.

  • May begin with a refreshing sleep after delivery.
  • Woman exhibits passive, dependent behavior’s.
  • Women is concerned with sleep and the intake of food, mainly for herself.
  • Many women may experience  temporary mood swings during this period because of discomfort, fatigue.
  • After delivery women faces irritability, poor appetite, insomnia, tearfulness (or) crying, fatigue, emotional stress being tied down.
  • Severe (or) prolonged depression is usually a sign of a more serious condition.
  • MHCI care takers (or) Nurses shall assist the mother and infant in the breast feeding process.
  • Caretakers shall help the mother doing post partum exercises.
  • MHCI caretakers shall help them with oil massage and bathing for the baby.
  • Baby care techniques, such as diapering, bathing and circumcision care.
  • Our nurses deals with premature, baby care and in observing danger signs of the neonate.
  • MHCI care takers make the parents to gain onfidence, control and satisfaction in caring for their child at home.
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