Tracheostmy Care

Tracheostomy Homecare Services in Hyderabad


Here is the question arises now no need to worry our best medlyfe home care services in hyderabad secunderabad shall support you by providing care at home when you alone cannot manage the tracheostomy care. Here is where we make the difference. tracheostomy care is to be given by our skilled trained nursing staff, qualified and professional nurses only. There are a lot more things to know and to understand. tracheostomy care is to be given under aseptic techniques and to prevent complications associated with tracheostomy tubes example: complications may occur early or late in the course of tracheostomy tube management.

Some early complications include:
  • Bleeding
  • Pneumothorax
  • Air embolism
  • Aspiration
  • Laryngeal nerve damage and
  • Posterior tracheal wall penetration.
Long term complications includes airway obstruction from accumulation of secretions.
  • Protrusion of the cuff over the opening of the tube.
  • Infection
  • Rupture of the innominate artery
  • Dysphagia etc.

There is a chance of infection this is were the patient requires continuous monitoring and assessment. Our trained and professional nurses shall provide the best nursing care. The newly made opening must be kept patent by proper suctioning of secretions. Our trained and skilled nurses will provides the patient to facilitate ventilation.

  • Promote drainage
  • Minimize edema etc.


MHCI nurses shall maintain the good rapport and communication with the patient and family members.

MHCI nurses shall provide you emotional support to the patient as well as family members .MHCI nurses instructs the patient and family about daily care, including techniques to prevent infection, as well as measures to take in an emergency. MHCI nurse assess the patients and family ability to cope up with the physical changes and psychological issues associated with having a tracheostomy.

MHCI skilled, trained and professional nurses provide the services are as follows
  • Maintains sterile techniques
  • Maintains airway obstruction by suctioning the secretions.
  • Monitors for cyanosis
  • Monitors signs and symptoms of infections , redness, swelling
  • Auscultates lung sounds
  • Maintains skin integrity changes tape and dressing as needed as per doctors order
  • Maintains adequate hydration of the patient.
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