Post Surgical Care


Post Surgical care services

The postoperative period begins from the time the patient leaves the operating room and ends with the follow-up visit by the surgeon medlyfe home care services in hyderabad, hyderabad. Enable a successful and faster recovery at home of the patient postoperatively.

To reduce the length of hospital stay of the patient you can recover at home. To provide quality home care service and reduce hospital cost during the postoperative period. Post-surgical care includes home nursing care continues at home after discharge from the hospitals.
Perhaps hospitals do not have the facilities required for a long time stays. It is essential to have home nurses or a nursing attendant to administer intravenous drugs or dress a wound at proper intervals or to help the clients perform their routine tasks.

Our medlyfe home care services in hyderabad, secunderabad are good at providing postoperative trauma care plan is structured to meet each and every need that can help the client recover at a faster and more comfortable place at home in hyderabad.

medlyfe home care services in hyderabad, in hyderabad can provide the highest standard of home care nursing services you are looking for and you will agree that you are making the right choice in coming to us. medlyfe health care service professionals document the client’s details past and present medical history and this is communicated to the doctor and the patient’s family members.

Postoperative care begins with immediately after your surgery. The duration lasts up to your hospital stay and it continues after you’ve been discharged. In your post-operative care as your healthcare provider (or) (Agency) doctors should teach you the adverse side effects and complications about your surgical procedure.

The postoperative care it depends on the type of surgery you have undergone and it includes pain management, wound care, administration of medications and emotional and psychological support to be given to patient and Family members and includes counseling.

Why to choose Home Health Care?

After your post surgery it is the right time to take (or) seek the right professional skilled nursing and care giver’s for your faster recovery.It is  a most different time after your post operative periods you alone can’t take care of yourselves there at that point our skilled nurses and trained care gained will help you out for speedy recovery.

Medlyfe home care india provides services including:-
  • Skilled nursing care:
  • They check vital signs.
  • Administering medications.
  • They maintain records of input and output charts.
  • They observe the post operative progress.
  • They change dressings & Draining fluids.
  • Nurse communicates with the clinical manager and he will communicate to your doctor’s for your progress.
Medical caretaker, is also known as Bed Side assistance.
  • Assist the patient for potting, Bed Pan Diaper change.
  • Assist the patient for giving sponge bath,Bed Bath & Bathing , Brushing and grooming.
  • Assist in changing the patients position for every 2nd hourly . If the patient is bedridden.
  • Assist in feeding the food to the patients
  • They will perform slight exercises for hands & legs on advice of the physiotherapist.
  • They assist you in early mobility for your speedy recovery.
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