Wound Care Management

Wound Homecare Services in Hyderabad

Wound Care Management SERVICES

we are the best in wound care treatment medlyfe home care services in hyderabad is a medical facility for treating wounds that do not heal. You may have a non-healing wound when you got a wound medlyfe home care services are the best wound management services, we have a team of health care nursing trained professionals in wound care.

We keep your primary care up to date on your progress and treatment. We hope you will avail our wound care services.

Wound Healing:-

  • Wounds heal by different mechanisms,depending on the condition of the wound.
  • Surgical wound healing occurs in three phases:-

a)First Intention

b)Second Intention

c)Third Intention  wound healing

  • with shorter hospital stays,much of the healing takes place at home,and both the hospital and home care nurse should be informed about the principles of wound healing.


  • Although the first dressing is usually changed by a member of the surgical team,subsequent dressing changes and usually performed by the nurse.
  • A dressing is applied to a wound for  one (or) more of the following reasons.
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